How Natrix Technology Benefits Downstream Processing

Binding Capacity plus high flowrates results in process productivity gains which enable:

  • Achieve required production scale capacity in a much smaller package
  • Reduce physical size and footprint (60%-80% smaller footprint)
  • Eliminate large, fixed glass columns, which are capital intensive, limited in utility and vulnerable to catastrophic failure
    • No packing of columns
    • No storage of resin
    • No storing of packed columns
  • Smaller format introduces flexibility, modularity… Production facility is transformed from dedicated, single-product to a simplified, flexible, universal plant that can handle multiple products at range of scales
  • Reduced size means less buffer use:  80% reduction in water, chemicals for buffer.  80% less disposal too
    • For a new facility, this can reduce the size of  the buffer prep area and  greatly simplify the required infrastructure
    • Reduced labor 

Single-Use Format enables:

  • Elimination of cleaning, sanitizing, validation and storage of conventional columns. (reduction in Water for Injection by 65-80%)
  • Simplified regulatory compliance (no cleaning validation of columns)
  • Fast batch-to-batch turnover and product-to-product turnover
  • Complete single-use facilities are now feasible and practical
  • Labor savings, cleaning materials savings, storage savings, cost of capital savings