NatriFloŽ HD-Q Membrane Adsorbers

NatriFlo® HD-Q Membrane Adsorbers for
Single-Use Flow-Through Polish Applications

The NatriFlo HD-Q Membrane is an advanced material with a three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel structure that provides a High Density of binding sites and rapid mass transfer.  NatriFlo HD-Q Membranes deliver binding capacity that exceeds resin-based columns with fast flow-rates typical of membrane adsorbers. This combination of performance and speed enables:

  • Best-in-class HCP removal, DNA removal and Viral Clearance, even with the most challenging feed streams and plenty of capacity to spare
  • Salt and pH tolerance in an industry-standard strong anion exchange (Q) chemistry (even in phosphate buffer systems)
  • Simple, low cost polish operations in a single-use format

The NatriFlo family offers scalable polishing from
R&D to cGMP manufacturing.

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The combination of extremely high functional group density, multi-point binding of biomolecules, and rapid mass transfer, give the NatriFlo HD-Q membrane best-in-class polish performance.  NatriFlo HD-Q membranes can be loaded equal to or higher than competitive membranes and an order of magnitude higher than resins. This higher loading is feasible even with feed sample conductivity as high as 15 mS/cm. High binding capacity and superior throughput combined with improved salt tolerance of Natrix HD-Q membranes provides development flexibility and increased process robustness, which translate into improved process economics.


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Discover the Advantages of TRUE
Single-Use Chromatography

Replacing traditional column-based resin chromatography with NatriFlo HD single-use adsorbers eliminates the cost, hassles and quality risks associated with storing, using, cleaning and validating traditional systems.  The NatriFlo disposable adsobers are modular, plug-and-play units that provide a dramatically smaller operating footprint, and a new level of ease-of-use.  Specific advantages include:

  • No more resin:  inventory investment,  cold storage, contamination risk and top-offs are eliminated.
  • Resin cleaning validation, QA oversight, batch record monitoring and more are eliminated.
  • Capital investment in column(s) eliminated.
  • Column cleaning, packing, cross contamination risk are eliminated.
  • WFI and CIP fluids reduced by 25%;  Buffer consumption reduced by 80%.
  • Plant footprint is reduced and utilization is increased, reducing DSP overhead by more than 50%.
  • DSP labor reduced by 60%+.